The Amazing Groh Kids

Life has been busy, but my blog has been quiet. Too quiet. Thought I’d post some fun stuff to change that.

This past week, my kids participated in an area Vacation Bible School program. After the first day, they came home begging to invite other kids to join them for the following day. They have good hearts, but this excitement was also greatly influenced by the promise of prizes if they brought friends. Well, prizes or not, I was happy to invite some of their friends and even though it was short notice, 4 different kids were able to accompany them over the next 3 days. I had my first taste of being a soccer mom–picking up and dropping off kids, arranging and rearranging carseats, scheduling times and routes. It was fun! But I’m also looking forward to a bit less running around next week  🙂

Well, there was an illusionist at VBS who really captured my kids’ attention and they have been creating and performing their own “magic” tricks this week. Here’s one of them they came up with:

The Amazing Disappearing Ella

Amazing, huh?!  🙂

To be fair, here is the same trick being performed by Ella:

The Amazing Disappearing Nickolas

I thought this was pretty cute and clever.

They each said a couple of other random things today that made me laugh, and that’s one of my favorite things to do, so I’ll share the chuckle.

On the way home from VBS tonight we drove through Panda Express for dinner. Ella’s friend was still with us and said, “Oh, I didn’t know Panda Express was Chinese food. I love Chinese food.”  Ella said, “Yah, so do I.” That’s all, but it just struck me as being so {obviously} funny, because, you know, she’s Chinese.

Then, while eating that Chinese food at home, Nickolas looks at me and says straight-faced, completely out of the blue, “America really doesn’t run on Dunkin.” Ha! Where’d that come from?  I run pretty well on Dunkin’, but I didn’t take the time to explain that.

I hope to post again before too long.

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  1. Connie says:

    Ella is a natural! They both really “disappeared”.

    Happy they had a good VBS & invited other too!

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