Surrounding Beauty

I had to post today’s view from that round window that I mentioned yesterday, along with some other photos of the area surrounding us. What a beautiful drive as I took my son to school this morning. We talked about how God gives us the beauty of winter, maybe as a special gift for those of us who stick it out in the cold year after year. Something especially for us to be thankful for, directly from the hand of God. I appreciate it every year, no matter how many times I’ve seen it.








  1. Debbie says:

    I love the Thankful Thursday idea. We all need to do this…even just for a minute each day, actually. I have a Gratitude Journal that I started after attending a Jack Canfield seminar. We need to be constantly reminded of what we are grateful for…write it down…more abundance will appear. Thanks for the reminder.

    • lgroh says:

      Thanks Debbie. I know I need reminders to be thankful too. I hope to make this a regular Thursday thing. Thanks for sharing my blog! I’m still getting the hang of all of this.

  2. Janie Manus says:


    Loved yesterday’s post too! I could go on all day with all that I am thankful for. God has been so generous to me – I don’t deserve it. But I do appreciate it!

    • lgroh says:

      Thanks Janie! I bet it’s beautiful by you too…or did you not get as much snow this time? None of us deserve God’s generosity toward us, but I think He’s honored if we’re at least thankful for it. This Thursday post idea will help me remember to be thankful.

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