Summer Vacation Road Trip–Salt Springs State Park


On Day 2 of our stay with my sister and her family, we hung out at home in the morning and then Ken took the kids to see a $2 movie {Epic} while Kathy and I headed to Kohl’s for a little shopping with my 30% off coupon. I could have used another hour there, but the time passed quickly and we met up with Ken and the kids, situated all of the kids into Kathy’s van and Ken and I took off for a few hours of alone time. Bless Ken’s heart, we went to Oakdale Mall in Johnson City, where I spent many hours as a teenager wandering around with my friend Kelly on trips out here to visit with my then-single sister. Fortunately for him, Ken found some great deals at the mall and then we set out to find a nice place for dinner. We thought we’d do a steak place, but ended up at Basha’s Lebanese Grill and, other than a little more cinnamon on our shawarma than we cared for, we were glad we stopped. [Btw–if anyone is looking for a business opportunity, the mall does not have a single coffee place and could really use a Caribou Coffee kiosk or something similar. Someone should really take advantage of that! :)]

Day 3 was our day to head to Salt Springs State Park, just across the border into Pennsylvania. The weather had been much cooler than we expected for our trip, but the temps were at least supposed to reach the 70’s. We donned our water shoes and the kids wore their swim suits and off we set. We were told there were 3 waterfalls for climbing and it sounded like a great adventure. I’ll let our pictures tell the rest of the story. We were not disappointed.

We ventured into the woods, prepared to leave our mark at Penny Rock.



After a beautiful walk, we headed back to the entrance of the park to have some lunch. My sister did a great job of packing everything we could ever need to eat for lunch.


With lunch over, we headed out for our water trek. The water was c-o-l-d, but everyone overcame the temperature in pursuit of the adventure ahead.



Taking on waterfall #1.


Climbing waterfall #2.


Approaching waterfall #3–I asked my sister to take some pictures to prove that I was actually there. I thought this was a good one.


Waiting for Ken to cross the third fall, the hard way. The water level was a lot lower than it had been the last time that my sister’s family had been there. I appreciated this! It meant I could walk along the edge and not get wetter than I cared to, especially when I was carrying everyone’s towels.




Heading back.



We finished the evening with s’mores, frisbee and more trampoline time.


When I stated that I would be vacationing in the New York area, this is not what most people immediately thought of. We could have gone to the city and paid lots of money to see fabulous things. But today we went to a state park, for free, were mostly all by ourselves, and we had the priceless experience of a lifetime. We’ll save the city for another time. Feeling so thankful and blessed.



  1. Connie says:

    No pictures of the “other Ken”. Is he missing all of the fun?

    It really looks like the water was cold!

    • lgroh says:

      The other Ken had to work 10 hour days all week, except for Friday–he took that day off for the wedding they attended. So we really didn’t see much of him until Thursday evening, then he was around a bit more for our final couple of days.

  2. Meileen says:

    Wow what an amazing vacation, and your pictures are AWESOME! So glad you are sharing this.

    • lgroh says:

      Thanks Meileen! You saying my pictures are awesome is a pretty flattering comment 🙂 Trying to do what I can with my point and shoot camera.

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