Summer Vacation Road Trip–Binghamton, NY–The Discovery Center

We left Ohio an hour later than originally planned and hit some rain on the drive to New York. We had a slight delay as we drove all over Jamestown, NY looking for somewhere to eat lunch. We finally took a chance on a local place and it ended up being nothing to {literally} write home about, so I won’t 😉 but the adventure is always fun. We arrived at my sister’s place around 6pm and the fun has not stopped since.

This is what Nickolas has been up to almost every waking second since we’ve arrived and haven’t been on an excursion somewhere:


The boy loves trampolines! He did a flip and stuck the landing tonight so he’s pretty happy about that.

We spent our first morning here relaxing a bit and letting the kids play. That afternoon we took a twisting and turning drive through the rural rolling hills into Binghamton and arrived at The Discovery Center. What a place! The kids had a blast exploring all of the interactive exhibits and using their imaginations.

First, they figured out how to make bubbles around themselves:



Next, Nickolas took the time to take care of some of his cousin’s dental work:


Then they taped the local “Action News” and Cody gave the weather forecast for Madison, Wisconsin for Uncle Randy and Grandpa Pratt’s birthdays. The weather looks sunny and happy!  🙂


They got to sit in a jet cockpit and operate a helicopter ride simulator. Here they’re driving a  fire truck {and thinking of Grandpa Groh}. They also got to check out the back of an ambulance.


The kids shopped and worked at a supermarket and finally served a meal at a Chinese restaurant. We then headed outside to walk through the whimsical Story Garden. It was so creative–I just LOVED it!! Here the girls are hanging out in the Three Bears’ cottage.


Ella in a human-sized nest:


Preparing for a tea party:


Me and my girl relaxing with a BIG cup of tea. So fun!



  1. Connie says:

    I figured Nickolas would spend a lot of time on there.
    Cody got today’s forecast right! It looks like the “other” reporters are ready to go too. 😉
    Love the pictures @ Discovery Center

    Lots of great memories being made with cousins!!

  2. Meileen says:

    I am loving your vacation and pictures. So much fun!

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