Stade’s Farm and Market

Fall has arrived! I often feel reluctant to let go of summer, but then fall rushes in with all its beauty and I quickly get caught up in it, which makes moving on from the previous season much easier.

Ever since our nephew was 1 year old, the Groh side of the family has annually headed to Stade’s Farm and Market in McHenry, Illinois, for their Shades of Autumn weekends. Our nephew is now 11, so it has become quite a tradition. Through the years, we have had hot weather, cold weather, windy weather and as of this past weekend, rainy weather. But it really only sprinkled on us a couple of times and the day was otherwise quite perfect. The threat of rain seemed to keep the crowds away. We arrived early and felt like we had the place to ourselves for the first few hours–just the way I like it! That spoils my kids though. They haven’t learned how to patiently wait in lines.

Grohs at Stade's Farm and Market

Groh kids at Stade's Farm and Market


king of the tire mountain at Stade's Farm

Tire swing at Stade's FarmMy favorite kind of spider web.

Spider web at Stade's FarmTrying out the new zipline ride.

Zipline at Stade's Farm

Thumbs up at Stade's FarmPicking the perfect pumpkin.

The perfect pumpkin at Stade's FarmThis year’s top choices.

Pumpkins at Stade's Farm

Perfect pumpkin at Stade's Farm

Hauling our pumpkins to the car, with a little help from Grandpa Groh.

Hauling pumpkins at Stade's Farm

Since we’ve made so many trips to Stade’s Farm, tomorrow I will post some pictures from over the years, just for fun. Come on back and check them out!

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  1. Linda says:

    Great pictures and a great day!

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