Something for Your Child’s Easter Basket

Kids with Easter baskets

If you’re looking for a great Easter gift for a special child in your life, I would highly recommend something from the What’s In the Bible series.

My kids {and Ken and I} love these DVDs. They are packed with solid Bible truths presented in such a fun way that your kids {and you} will enjoy and even remember them. Phil Vischer {of Veggie Tales} does a great job teaching simple, yet foundational biblical truth.

We currently have Volumes 1 and 8 if anyone local wants to swap or just check them out. I plan to get a couple more for my kids’ Easter baskets.

If you click here or on the ad in the left sidebar, you will see this week’s offer of The Jesus Journal with Volume 10 thrown in as a bonus. Volume 10 explains Jesus and the Gospels and is a great one for Easter time.

As part of their affiliate program, I plan to keep a link to their site on my blog and it will change with different deals or percentages off, so check back in if you’d like to wait for a different offer. {And I’m not gonna lie to you, I could earn a small commission if you order it through my site. So it’s a win/win either way.}

But commission or not, I really do think these DVDs are great!

Better than another chocolate bunny–right?! You know how your kids act when they’re all hopped up on sugar!!

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