Semi-Homemade Scrapbooking

In my last post I mentioned scrapbooking. I have done some of this in the past. Real scrapbooking, I mean, and that’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time, creativity and materials. Although I love the final outcome, I fear that these days if I insisted on “real” scrapbooking I might not ever get finished {and might be afraid to even start}. So over the last few years I have done some quasi-scrapbooking, or semi-homemade scrapbooking you might say, and that has made a big difference in my motivation level and my completion factor.

Christmas Memories Journal

Here is an example of what I mean. At Christmastime I have used this scrapbook/journal over the past five years. Last year I finished it up and ordered another to have on hand for this year since I love the design of it so much. This book calls for more journaling than I care to do {well my heart would like to do it but my hand and neck problems keep me from fulfilling my heart’s desire at times}, so I fill the pages in with lots of pictures and it turns out just great.

Christmas Memories Scrapbook

I bring this album out after Christmas is over and work on it, but this year it hit me that during the holiday season I should have it out on our coffee table for my family and guests to browse through to enjoy seeing our Christmas celebrations {and cute kids} through the years.

Wedding Anniversary Memory Book

This is another album that I have kept up over the years. It’s a place to record yearly happenings from one wedding anniversary to another. I hope my kids will enjoy receiving this someday. I’m thankful that I have all of this recorded in on place.

Annivesary Memory Book

Since we didn’t have our kids for the first year(s) of their lives, they don’t have an official baby album, but I do have this album which records Nickolas’ first year with us, month by month. It’s a nice little adoption journal—the best one I’ve found so far, and I highly recommend it for parents who have younger kids who are adopted.

My Family My Journey Book

Adoption Journal

Ella was given her own wonderful scrapbook made by the caregivers from her orphanage in China. It holds priceless pictures and memories.

Orphanage Scrapbook

We are so very thankful to have this book. It was an incredible surprise for us to receive such a precious gift.

I have a few more books that I use for recording my kids’ birthdays and school days. I’ll share those next time!




  1. Janie says:

    Where did you get those scrapbooks? I love that they have room to journal. I’m getting more & more disappointed in CM & haven’t shopped with them for a long time. They are really moving toward/pushing the digital stuff, which I neither understand or even especially like the looks of. I love the actual photos on the pages. Guess I’m old-fashioned. 😛

    • Laury says:

      Hi Janie! The majority of them I think I purchased through Amazon, but if you are really interested in one of them, I’ll try to find it or a link for you somewhere. Not sure the anniversary one is still available since I’ve had it for 12 yrs, but ya never know.

  2. […] with the many memory books, as I noted earlier, I keep a small journal near the kitchen, which I grab and jot down funny things that the kids say. […]

  3. Emily says:

    LOVE this idea! I’ve done 1 (one) “real” scrapbook in my life and “never again!” is what I said afterwards. 🙂 While I love taking pictures and am good at putting them in albums, I never thought to create journals in this way. I love it!

    • Laury says:

      Good–and thanks! I would feel constantly overwhelmed if I felt I had to scrapbook everything, yet my artistic eye or mind or whatever you want to call it always longs to create something memorable out of things, so this is a nice compromise for me.

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