Scenes I’ve Just Happened Upon

One of my absolute favorite things about being a parent is being surprised by my funny kids. So many times I catch them doing something that just cracks me up. Here are some pictures from this summer–where I caught them doing things they thought up on their own–scenes I’ve just happened upon. Hope they make you smile too!

Ken mowing grass with a storm trooper aboard:

DSCN4301Yes, this is how I found him on his bike on a hot summer day–living out his imagination regardless of the heat factor:

DSCN4308Warming themselves in the sun, face-to-face, after a swim at Grandma and Grandpa Groh’s:

DSCN4348Caught mid-air:

DSCN4460She was working on some math worksheets and I had no idea she had those teeth in her mouth until she tried talking to me:

DSCN4505Looks like they’re up to some sort of crime-fighting–notice Nickolas has a cape over his winter coat:

DSCN4693Um, I’ll let Ken explain this one sometime if you want to ask him about it:

DSCN4700Pulled into the driveway and found them sitting here like this:

DSCN4737I love my readers!! While we were in Ohio, we parents were getting things ready for a day out and I found the kids waiting for us outside doing this:

DSCN4739Nickolas had a clever idea to switch some tires around on his various-sized bikes. Ken went along with it and this is what I found him riding:

DSCN5136They called themselves Two-Headed Daddy:

DSCN5138Two peas in a pod:





  1. Roger says:

    you are so blessed!

    what great, creative, funny kids!


  2. Absolutely adorable – gotta love them!

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