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Jan 09 005

Along with the many memory books, as I noted earlier, I keep a small journal near the kitchen, which I grab and jot down funny things that the kids say. If I ever lose this book I will be so sad. Periodically, I pick it up and read through it and most times, like tonight, I end up in tears from laughing so hard. I know it’s probably not as funny when it’s not your kid or you weren’t there when it happened, but I thought I’d share some of them here anyway. These all happen to be from Nickolas. I’ll post some of Ella’s quips later.

The day after Nickolas turned 3 I introduced him to pull-ups. I showed them to him and explained what they were called. He put his hand on my shoulder to steady himself and as he was lifting his foot to put his leg through the pull-up he said, “Oh, that’s wonderful…{pause}…and counselor and mighty God.”


A few months later, I was pushing him around the store in a cart. We overhead a mother in the next aisle having a hard time with her two kids and she said rather firmly, “You need to take your hands off of your brother!” Nickolas misunderstood what she said and looked up at me with his big eyes and said, “Mama, that kid put his pants on his brother!”


That fall, the three of us got into the car and headed to our town’s Civil War Days. We tried to explain to Nickolas, a little bit about what we were going to see and do. This was not an easy task. We told him there would be guns and cannons, but no one was really fighting, it was all just pretend, even though it might be pretty loud at times. Before we backed out of the garage, Ken said a prayer for our day. As he finished Nickolas chimed in, “Dear God, help us be healthy and I hope no one shoots us for real.”


He was eating a pb&j sandwich for lunch and I noticed a big piece on the floor and asked him what happened. He said, “I dropped it. I was holding it, but it escaped!”


While driving I pointed out 2 deer that were running across the road ahead of us. Nickolas asked, “What are they doing?”

I said, “Probably just out looking for something to eat.”

“Like sandwiches?” he innocently replied.


I had been trying to train Nickolas to pick up after himself a bit. After dinner one night he had put his dirty dishes in the sink and his remaining drink in the fridge, but I asked him to push his chair in. As he did so he said, “Mom, how come you’ve got me doing your jobs lately?”


Overheard from the backseat of the car: “I think I’m growing a beard.”


Nickolas: On my 6th birthday I’ll be 6.

Me: That’s right. How old will you be on your 20th birthday?

Nickolas: Old!

Collector boy

One evening, when Nickolas was four, Ken said something, to which Nickolas replied, “you can say that again.” Ken laughed and said, “You sure are a smart boy.” Nickolas replied, “you can say that again too!”


Later that night he said to me, “Mommy, let’s pretend I’m Chad Vader and you’re Darth.”

“OK,” I said as I was cleaning up the kitchen. “What do I do as Darth? Just keep cleaning?”

“Yes,” Nickolas said. “You can just do that boring stuff that you like to do.”


In 2011, shortly after bringing Ella home, Nickolas went and checked on her while she was napping and reported back to me. “I can’t believe Ella is sleeping, just like a beauty.”


We drove by a police car and someone who had been pulled over. The officer was standing outside the person’s car speaking to them through their window. Nickolas shouted out, “Oh yah! He got ‘em! He caught him left-handed! Mom, if a policeman runs out of handcuffs he can get more, right?”


In prepping his sister for her upcoming eye exam, Nickolas said, “There are big letters and little letters. The little ones are a challenge.”


As we pulled into the parking lot for the dentist office I heard him repeating to himself, “must be strong, must be strong.”


And finally, here’s a good one to end with for now:

We were looking through our wedding album and Nickolas {at age 5} said, “You found each other, you sticked together and you got married. You don’t leave once you found somebody.”

I actually let Nickolas read through this tonight and we had another good laugh. My kids absolutely love to hear us retell funny stories about them. They eat it up and want more.

What funny things have kids in your life said? I’d love to read some in the comments section.



  1. Connie says:

    Many of his comments over the years have surprised me. He comes up with some great ones!

    I enjoyed these too & can just hear him saying them.

    • Laury says:

      I have a ton of others, but some require more details or are just endearing to us more than funny. He still makes us laugh over something almost every day I think.

  2. Janie Manus says:

    I’ve also started writing down things Abigail said & have quite a few. I put them on my computer in Word. I really need to back up my computer though! Every time I write a new one, I always go back & read the old ones & laugh. 😉
    I really wish I’d done it with Jeffrey too. He was always saying funny things, but now I can’t remember most of them. Our favorite one though is:
    We were sitting at the table eating dinner. Jeffrey, of course, had his white Roy Rogers cowboy hat on. I think he was 5. We were talking about Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins. I’d been singing that song to him earlier & was telling Randy about it. So Randy says, “OK Jeffrey, I’m going to teach that word to you & starts saying it, spreading out each syllable. Jeffrey interrupts & says “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, clicks the rim of his hat using his finger & thumb and says “Need I say more?”
    I don’t think we ever laughed so hard!

    • Laury says:

      ha, ha, ha….so funny!! I can just picture cute little Jeffrey in his hat. And a star was born! 🙂 I’m impressed that you typed that entire word twice in your comment–good job!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Great stuff! That is such a smart idea to have a journal handy to quickly write stuff down. I laugh at things our grandsons have said, but then forget most of it. Thanks for sharing these! Can’t wait to read Ella’s.

    • Laury says:

      I’m glad I’ve captured as many as I have. I know when it happens you think you’ll remember it forever, and then in like 2 days…it’s gone forever.

  4. Emily says:

    ha! I laughed out loud at most of these! I never tire of funny things kids say! I actually just typed up a whole bunch of quotes that my sister has heard over the years in her in-home day care. Funny stuff! One day, she changed clothes at nap time because she was going out as soon as all the kids were picked up. A three year old woke up after his nap, looked her up and down and said, “you gonna go to work?” ha! (most of the kids think she doesn’t work….she just stays home so they can all come to her house!)

    • Laury says:

      That’s a cute one Emily 🙂 I’m sure your sister could write a book–and sounds like you could help her! They all have a knack for saying such funny stuff, it’s just that we all forget their remarks so quickly.

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