A Weekend in the Country

My side of the family has established a yearly hayride tradition as of late. This year it fell on the weekend that my sister, Kathy, and her family were visiting from New York state. The kids and I were up on the farm for most of the week, but Ken wasn’t able to join us.

Last Friday evening, once Uncle Randy {my brother} was done with chores for the evening, he threw a few bales of straw in a wagon, everyone hopped aboard, and we were off.

straw ride

Nickolas got to end the ride with a much-anticipated seat in the cab with Uncle Randy.

tractor ride

Miley the dog and cousin Emily saying “cheese.”

Smiling lab

Our hay/straw rides are followed by a hot dog roast.

hot dog roast

And then there are s’mores.



Ella learning to confidently hold a cat.

country kitty

Wood pile as the sun was setting. {I just liked this shot}

wood pile

Rummaging through a “junk” pile with my Dad. He was doing all the work, I was just inquiring of what was there.


My brother-in-law agreed to head into the old barn and pull out my Dad’s Montgomery Ward Hawthorne bike–something we’ve talked about for years and just never made the time to do.

bike in barn

Hawthorne bicycle

Soon, a ball game broke out.

country baseball

silo at dusk

girls on hay bales

country slow pitch

Wouldn’t trade these summer nights for anything.

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  1. Jim Zidan says:

    Love this. Almost like a child’s Picture Book, but with real pictures. Love the woodpile. Beautiful. -Jim

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