Be Overwhelmed

Country Sunset

So how’s your new year going? Off to a frenzied start? Feeling overwhelmed yet?

I set a lot of personal goals for this year and I am chomping at the bit to tackle them and take on some new projects. But for right now, it seems, those things are kept just out of reach by the routines and responsibilities that fill up my days. I feel like I’ll never have the chance to accomplish all the other things that are on my heart. I know of others who are dealing with much bigger issues.

The song “Overwhelmed” by Big Daddy Weave, has been going through my mind nearly non-stop as of late. I thought I’d share it here as an encouragement to anyone who needs to be reminded of what should be overwhelming us. I hope you can take a moment to turn up the volume, listen, and lay your burdens down at the feet of our overwhelming God. He loves us and He’s got this.



  1. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Wonderful way to start my day

  2. Cheryl Stewart says:

    I needed this today. Feeling a little overwhelmed. Great perspective to focus on.

    • Laury says:

      Good–I hoped it would mean something to others. It has been playing through my head non-stop for days so I felt maybe I was supposed to share it with others too. It’s one of those songs that I DON’T want to get out of my head, so that’s nice! I would like to make my own video of it though. I couldn’t find any that portrayed the song the way that it makes me feel. I told Ken that during the chorus, I envisioned myself twirling slowly, arms raised, in an open sunny field. He didn’t get that same feeling, go figure 😉

  3. Pauline Server says:

    Love the pic of Ella and Nickolas measuring their height

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