Our Trek Home

We had a safe and {thankfully} uneventful trip home. Had a nice relaxing stay in Elyria, Ohio last night and didn’t have to check out until noon this morning. Went swimming last night and Ken and the kids were able to go for a swim again this morning after breakfast while I packed things up.

How the kids prefer to travel around the hotel:


Here’s my hubby letting his hair down–or in this case, putting it up {in a mohawk}–in his traveling shirt.


Napping at its best:


A few shots of our drive through New York. I just think the mountains and valleys are so beautiful. Photos cannot capture their magnitude. Imagine these same scenes in the peak of fall–breathtaking!




A barn that sits on a farmstead at the base of a mountain just across the road from my niece and nephew’s elementary school:


We had planned on eating at a Cracker Barrel at some point on our trip and it never worked out, so we decided to not stop for lunch today and head straight to the Cracker Barrel in Gurnee instead of going directly home. Well, longish story short, we waited quite a while for our food and eventually the manager told us the meal was on him. What a treat! We weren’t expecting that, but it was certainly worth the wait!

We skyped with my parents tonight in order to wish my Dad a happy birthday. I also reminded Ken that four years ago today we received an e-mail that initiated our decision to adopt from China. Two years later we had Ella. Sure am glad we got that e-mail!!

We’re all still home tomorrow. Ken heads back to work on Tuesday and the kids start school on Wednesday. I have a lot of unpacking and laundry to do. I’m glad that things went so incredibly well, but am always a bit sad when it’s over. We’ll get all of our held mail tomorrow, including the kids’ classroom roster and details. That will be something exciting to look forward to. That, and already planning our next road trip!



  1. Meileen says:

    I LOVE how Ella fell asleep. So glad you all had a great trip. Happier that you all are home safe and full of memories 🙂 Love the blog and pictures!!

  2. Connie says:

    Hope everyone slept in today. Thanks for sharing your fun!

    Those New York roads are beautiful in the fall but nasty in the winter. We have driven the every season & know from experience.

  3. Brenda says:

    Sounds like it was a great vacation Laury! Enjoyed the pictures! Would have liked to seen some of Kathy and her family or did I miss them?

    • lgroh says:

      Thanks Brenda! Kathy and her kids are sprinkled throughout, especially on the Salt Springs State Park day, but I purposely didn’t go overboard with posting pics of them because although I’m willing to put my family’s pics out there on the world-wide-web, within reason, I don’t assume everyone else is comfortable with that, if you know what I mean. But, I will be tagging them in pics on FB soon so they have copies of some other photos I took, so you should be able to see more of them there 🙂

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