Our Escape to Tomah, Wisconsin

This past weekend we were privileged to be invited to Tomah, Wisconsin to attend a book signing by our friend, Roger Blakely, who has served many years in the Army and has more recently become an author. Ken and I had discussed heading up to Tomah for the signing, so when Roger personally invited us and told us he would put us up at the Cranberry Country Lodge, we committed to going. And I’m so glad we did.

It was one of those trips where everything seemed to work out perfectly. We were all healthy, the weather was beautiful, our vehicle ran great and we had no accidents or mechanical breakdowns. The kids got along great—for the most part–and everyone had good attitudes—again, for the most part—and we just enjoyed the trip. Maybe I’m just an optimist, I don’t know, but I think I’m a realist and we really had a nice time, so I had to write about it.

I love that cozy “northern woods” feeling I get when we head north in Wisconsin and enjoyed the beautiful scenery as we drove. Tomah was a cute little town and the museum where the book signing took place was quaint and interesting. The kids even enjoyed looking at the “old-fashioned” items on display. I think it helps that we have been watching Little House on the Prairie so they can relate a little bit to times past. We enjoyed refreshments and visiting with others there.

The kids with Roger at the book signing.

The kids with Roger at the book signing.

We eventually headed back to the hotel and checked out the aquatic center there. It was very fun and age appropriate for our kids. It wasn’t too crowded and kept them entertained for several hours. Soon it was time to get cleaned up and meet Roger and another couple for dinner.

The following morning we ate breakfast, packed up and headed to the Three Bears Lodge in Warren. As a guest at the Cranberry Country Lodge, we had a free day’s admission there. We were very pleased with the size of the waterpark and especially loved that we practically had the place to ourselves. I’m sure it will be a different story this weekend {Memorial Day} and beyond, so the timing was perfect. We have been to The Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells several times and this was a bit smaller than one of their indoor waterparks, but it was the perfect size for our kids. It was only open from 9am to 1pm that day, but that was just long enough for us. I didn’t take my camera into the water areas either day because I didn’t want to hassle with it, but now wish I would have gotten some good shots. You can check out their websites through the links I have inserted above if you want to look into them further. I would definitely recommend them for families with elementary-aged kids and younger.

We stopped for lunch at a local China Buffet and then started on our way back home. I’ll throw in a funny little Ella story here.  Anyone who has been around Ella much, knows that she love, love, loves chocolate like no other 7-year-old I know. As we were driving, Ken brought up the fact that my birthday wasn’t too far away and he told the kids that they would have to think of something to get or make for me. Ella piped up and said, “I know what we could get her.” Ken asked her what and she leaned forward and “whispered” to him from the backseat, “We could buy her a little piece of chocolate and wrap it up for her.” Ken “whispered” back from the driver’s seat, “but Ella, Mommy doesn’t like chocolate. You do.” And Ella sighed and said, “Oh yah, I forgot.” Such a silly girl. I got quite a kick out of that.

We ran into a little traffic and a rain storm, but neither lasted for long and we made it home before dark so there was still time for the kids to ride bikes before calling it a day. A bit of a whirlwind weekend, but so worth it! The kids and I will be escaping to Wisconsin again this coming weekend to celebrate Memorial Day with my family. Who knows what adventures await!

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