When Motivation Strikes

Today, I was a driven woman. I got so much accomplished and it felt great! Although that great feeling is wearing off and being replaced with stiffness and pain. Uugh. I thought I would document my accomplishments since I’m not sure I will ever accomplish this much physical work in a day again.

Everything started in the mudroom. Several days ago, Ken drew up some plans for some built-in shelves and lockers. We’re saving up our money to buy supplies and when he has the time he’ll get working on it. In the meantime, I decided how I would repurpose the shelves and bench that are currently in there. And that got the ball rolling. Needless to say, I decided not to wait until he started his project before I started mine.

Here’s how the mudroom looked this morning. This is the wall on which we plan to add the built-ins.

mudroom beforeHere’s that wall this evening. Sometimes things need to get worse before they get better, but it’s still very manageable and remember, it’s only temporary.

mudroom temporarySo that left me with a deacon’s bench that needed relocating after I emptied it of its contents. I thought it might be an improvement to this area in Nickolas’ room:

cluttered boy's roomAnd look–it was!

deacon's bench

DSCN6635I moved the dresser that had been at the foot of Nickolas’ bed to the other side of his room. But now that left me with a bin organizer that I needed to find a new home for. Hmmmm, maybe it would work well here, in our basement stairwell.

basement stairwellYep, that’s better.

basement stairwell afterI moved the bookcase from here to the bottom of the stairs and will deal with that another day…maybe tomorrow.

Now, remember that tall shelf unit that was in the mudroom, where all this began? I had been planning to place it in the closed-in area under our basement stairs and use it to help organize items that I am storing for our church. As I was cleaning up that area in preparation for the shelf, I realized I needed to do some thorough scrubbing. But it turned into a muddier mess than I was anticipating.

muddy basement floorGetting there.

cleaning muddy floorSo, after the clean-up, I got the shelving unit downstairs and with a great amount of work and physical contortions, it was in place.

shelving unit in basementFinally, I was able to start cleaning up a section of the basement floor and stacking things away. Here’s a view from the other side of the non-existent wall:

labeled items on shelvesAnd here is the view from the inside of my little under-the-stairs storage area:

under stairs storeage areaAfter that, I took some acetaminophen for good measure as I felt the soreness kicking in, made some quick snacks to have on hand for the kids to eat when they got home from school, and then shoveled the driveway so it was clear from the inch or so of snow that we received today.

Now dinner is over, kids are bathed and in bed and I’m callin’ it a day!


  1. Connie says:

    Today you are in pain! Looks good though.

  2. Janie says:

    Wow! That was a day!! Good job!

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