I Love a Good Snow Day

It has been snowing all day and I love it!! Everything is so beautiful. We had nothing but fun planned for this morning so we’ve been doing just that.

Great day for a bike ride:

Biking in the snow

Perfect little angels:

My little angels

Actually, while I was shoveling the front part of the driveway, they weren’t being angels. I turned around to see one of them {whom shall remain nameless} helpfully “brushing” off Daddy’s truck…with a big metal digging shovel. It was in innocence, but yikes! I was quick to inform them that you only use soft brushes on the painted part of a vehicle as to not scrape it up and induce rust. Daddy will be less than thrilled when he hears this story, but I didn’t see any obvious damage except for maybe a scratch in the side driver’s mirror. I’m sure it will be further inspected later.

A silly game of Slippery Swing ensued:

slippery swings

slippery swings

They’re pretty good actors, I have to admit. I think my son might be the next Jerry Lewis with his many prattfalls, and as you can see here, my daughter will not be far behind.

Couldn’t resist this shot:

birdhouse in the snow

Snow siblings:

Snow siblings

And now hot chocolate has been drunk and warm baths have been taken. Next on the kids’ schedule is an evening with grandparents and cousins–the yearly tradition of dinner and seeing Christmas lights…and Mom and Dad get to have a date night!

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  1. Janie Manus says:

    <3 <3 It is so wonderful that they have each other. I wish so much that my kids could have been closer together in age. I really enjoyed these pics & your commentary. Oh, the shovel story. Ouch!

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