Living in the Chaos

Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa PrattMy parents were just here for a 4-day weekend.  My father still farms with my brother, so it’s not always easy for them to get away, but it’s always nice to have them visit.

Generally I prepare for their visit a little more than I did this time. I’m in the middle of a few projects right now that are cluttering up various parts of the house, and I didn’t have the time or energy to organize or clean very well before their arrival. This probably would have bothered me terribly in the past, but I have to admit, I’ve become a lot more laid back about my house the last couple of years. I still feel and function best when things are clean and neatly in their place, but I honestly haven’t been able to keep up with it lately and have just been living in the chaos instead.

If my kitchen is cluttered or my laundry is piling up, it becomes too much and I get overwhelmed. I notice that I tend to spin my wheels and be less productive everywhere if those two things are out of control. So I try to tackle them first {and continuously} and work on the rest of the house as I can. But, as I mentioned, other projects have become my current priority and I am taking a deep breath and admitting that I’m okay with that…for now.

This is what my dining room looked like moments before my parents arrived:

Cluttered dining room

And this is what’s going on behind the scenes {and behind the table} in the top picture, where it looks like all has been cleaned up. At least we were able to use the dining room for its main purpose while our company was here.

Dining room clutterThis is how my coffee table has looked all weekend, plus or minus a random tchotchke or two.

cluttered coffee tableAnd this is what’s going on under that same coffee table:

Legos under coffee table

Gotta love kids and their version of “putting the Legos away.”

Come back tomorrow for more telling photos of how we really live  🙂



  1. Emily says:

    *real life* is always beautiful.

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