Humble Mother’s Day to Me


Isn’t it funny how your kids can make you so proud, yet are so good at keeping you humble?

Take last Sunday morning for example.  I helped out in my kids’ Sunday School classroom, so I was let in on the “surprise” song which they had been practicing so they could sing it in front of the church congregation on Mother’s Day. As they were going over the words, I felt a little uncomfortable.  “She’s patient, understanding, and as gentle as can be” really aren’t the words I would use to describe myself at times, especially as I reflected on a couple of incidents that took place over the last week.

I looked at my kids. My son wasn’t even trying to sing, just sitting there with a bored look on his face. I wondered if it was just because he doesn’t like group singing or if he couldn’t force himself to say those flowery words about me. Our eyes met and I smiled and shrugged my shoulders at him. He shrugged back.

Then my daughter looked up at me and I shrugged and smiled at her too and she smiled back while happily singing along to the song. I wondered to myself, “Could she possibly mean those words?” As it turned out, I didn’t have to wonder long. They finished their final go-round of the little ditty and she leaned in close to me. I put my arm around her and smiled as she peered into my eyes and softly said, “Mama, you’re not always all those things.” Ha! There it was—the spoken words of what I was feeling. I laughed, but in my insecurity I told her that “most moms aren’t all the time” {and I wanted to say that she and her brother were the reason for it!}, but I let it go at that. I did share her words with others in the room and we got a good chuckle out of it. One other mother who was helping out said, “Yah, she said that to me last week too, but I didn’t want to tell you and hurt your feelings.” That’s my sometimes too-honest girl for ya! How humbling, yet funny is that?!

As I think about it though, it’s not all bad. I will continue to try to grow more patient with my kids, but it shows that we’re real with each other. Sometimes I raise my voice, freak out a bit, and get on them about things, but I try to admit it once I’ve lost my patience and apologize if necessary and tell them I’ll try to do better next time. Hopefully they can appreciate that and will learn that although none of us are perfect, we can always say we’re sorry and try to improve. Hopefully they are learning to follow my example of being ready with an apology when one is needed and being humble enough to admit it {that sounds kind of vain, but you know what I mean}. And hopefully someday we can all look back at a lot of this stuff that seems so frustrating and intense at times now…and laugh, and know it’s just a part of growing up, for all of us.


My kids have both already given me a couple of wonderful homemade Mother’s Day cards, so I do feel loved and appreciated. I am so incredibly thankful to be their Mom!


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