Happy Chinese New Year!


The kids made these great Chinese dragons in their art class. I think they did a great job! When they are not in use I have them clipped to our art display board which, this time of the year, hangs over our big humidifier. When the humidifier turns on it blows air and the ribbons from the dragons’ mouths dance in the air–it looks pretty cool.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, we went out for “Chinese noodles” as my daughter calls them, after church today, with our friend Jim who is visiting from Tennessee.

Speaking of Jim, we have had a great and busy weekend, including a revolving door of guests, lots of games, eye dr. appointments, playing outside in the snow, fighting sea/snow monsters, and even a serious light saber fight.


Trying out a pretty awesome game that Jim created.


The blue skies of Saturday made for a magnificently beautiful day!


Battling the sea monster which Jim painted on our pirate ship a couple of summers ago.


The light saber fighting was done with most of the lights out, so this was one of the only somewhat decent action shots I got.

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