Glimpses of Summer 2013

The kids are back in school and summer vacation 2013 is a thing of the past. *sigh* Makes me kind of sad. So as I grow nostalgic, I thought I’d post some of my favorite pictures to recap the summer and bring a smile to my face, and hopefully yours too.

We kicked the summer off by helping our friend with a garage sale. The kids tried to sell baked goods and lemonade, but we just didn’t draw in the dessert eating/lemonade drinking crowd, so it was a total bust. I was, however, proud of how my kids patiently sat and waited for customers and their friendly demeanor and willingness to serve, whenever someone thirsty did stop by.

DSCN4239In June, the kids also attended Bible School for a week and over the course of that time, they took 4 of their friends along with them. That was quite a fun week, but we didn’t get any pictures. They’re already talking about going again next year.

Then there was the painting of the deck of the pirate ship in our backyard:

DSCN4262And the kids’ first ride in a canoe–on Pistakee Lake:

DSCN4312Good times with special friends whom we don’t get to see often:

DSCN4314Fourth of July parade:

DSCN4336The kids had swimming lessons throughout the summer and got to practice their swimming in Grandma and Grandpa Groh’s pool:

DSCN4346Some of the entertainment during the Groh Cousins sleepover:

DSCN4357The kids joined friends for a neighborhood Olympics in July. Here Nickolas is relaxing with his buddy after the medal ceremony.

DSCN4478Nickolas attended a Challenger Soccer Camp for a week. Ella was enrolled in a dance camp for that same week, but it was cancelled because not enough kids signed up. That was very disappointing, but we received a credit toward a fall ballet class which will commence soon.

DSCN4514A Pratt hayride with cousin Brian and his family while they were in the area:


DSCN4687I was also able to take the kids to Six Flags Great America with the free admission tickets they earned with their school reading program. And of course, our family road trip, so all in all, it was an incredibly fun and full summer!

As I perused my pictures for this post, I found some other fun ones that I can’t wait to post soon!! Be sure to come back and check those out!


  1. Connie says:

    Busy, fun summer!

  2. Ken says:

    Good times.

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