Ebenezer Series–My First Job

Acknowledging God’s magnificent hand in my

otherwise ordinary life

Pencil drawing I did for art class which was used as the program cover for our Baccalaureate service.

Pencil drawing I did for art class which was used as the program cover for our Baccalaureate service.

I did very well in school, but I always longed for the day I would be done with it. I liked to learn, but I didn’t like busywork and college always seemed like a strange unknown–a foggy distant land that I would never enter. I was not mature or confident enough to venture out. How could I possibly step onto an unfamiliar campus and take classes with people I didn’t know on subjects I wasn’t interested in so that I could get a degree in heaven knows what? It was all so vague and I did not seek out anyone to help me navigate my options {don’t forget my dysfunctional shyness}.

The thought of making some money—now that interested me!

But still, I had no idea what I would do. As my graduation day approached, I began to get more fearful of what might lie ahead of me. Or worse yet, what might NOT lie ahead of me. The thought of being done with high school was so exciting, but by this time I really did love my classmates and got a little bit emotional when I thought of walking out of good ‘ol Belmont High for the final time. The end of an era and my life’s routine, up to this point.

I began to ask God to show me His will years earlier. I had studied how to discern God’s will for some time and I remember that being such a confusing topic for me back then–always trying to figure out the puzzle so that pieces would fit together the way I thought they should.

Honestly, I wanted to get married and have a family. I even thought it would be great to be a legitimately pregnant teenager—married at 18 or 19, first baby by the time I was 20, just like my parents. Wow! That sure didn’t happen.

Graduation Day was Sunday, May 18th. My excitement had been overshadowed by the sudden and devastating loss of my uncle the week prior. My family was still in mourning as I walked across the stage to receive my diploma. We had a nice gathering at my parents’ house in my honor, but it was a bittersweet day. And then it was gone.

Laury HS Grad

What now God?

I didn’t feel terribly pressured to get a “real” job immediately and I had a few things mulling around in my head that I thought I could do. I picked up a couple of odd jobs helping people I knew, and I felt like things would eventually come together and be ok. However, my hands did begin to sweat every time I thought of going on an actual job interview, so I tried not to think about it too much.

I had been done with school for just a couple of weeks when my brother told me that his boss mentioned that he would like to hire a secretary {seems funny to say that word now} and to ask me if I would be interested. I was a bit fearful, but I said that yes, that might be a good idea. I knew who the two guys were who ran the business and it was local, about a five minute drive from my parents’ home, even though we pretty much lived out in the middle of nowhere. Plus, with my brother working there, I felt more at ease knowing he would be around, off and on, to help me out if I had questions.

And just like that, I had the job. Full-time work with benefits, minutes away from home, and no job interview required. Amazing. Didn’t see that coming. Place Ebenezer stone here.

I was employed by this company for just under two years. The local managers were Christian men with great senses of humor who liked to tell stories and there was rarely a dull moment in my day.

The owner was an entrepreneur who hailed from Columbia and dabbled in just about everything, including the latest in technology. {I think we were one of the first people in the county to get a facsimile machine. The local bank actually used to come out and fax things from our office!}

The owner spent most of his time at his office in New York City and I communicated with the staff there daily, as well as folks from a site in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We had clients and suppliers in Panama and Israel, with whom I was also in direct contact.   On top of that, we served our local customers and were very involved in the surrounding community. It was a great opportunity for me to experience the world around me, both near and far.

During that time, I saved enough money to buy my first car and I was also given a free trip for two to Las Vegas, which the company had earned. My best friend and I, 19 and 18 respectively, had a great time in Vegas. We were good girls though and ate, shopped and checked out the town without getting into any trouble—all for free. And my adventurous spirit started to grow within me.

My sister and me in front of my new car--a Plymouth Horizon TC3

My sister and me in front of my new car–a Plymouth Horizon TC3

I gained a wealth of knowledge, confidence and experience—which all looked pretty good on my resume.

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