Dandelion Bouquets

dandelion bouquet

The weeks fly by, don’t they? I think we’re really done with snow for a few months now {“I think” being the key words there} and spring is upon us again. I’ve been busy working on my Grohing Up Together Facebook page and Etsy shop and had to take a bit of a break from my blog. I hope to be more active on here again soon.

But today is a beautiful day and we’re all hoping to enjoy some time outdoors. I was out trying to capture the beauty of my flower garden in snapshots and my kids wanted to stay inside. Until that is, my son heard the neighbor’s lawn mower start up. He has always loved our neighbor’s mower for some reason and is quickly dressed and informs me he is going out to watch “Mr. Gary” cut the grass. At this point, of course, I’m heading back indoors, but he doesn’t care, he wants to watch that mower.

So I sit down to upload some pictures and he calls me over to the patio door. “Mama, can you come here?” I turn to see he has a handful of fresh-picked dandelions for me. He tells me that he knows they’re weeds, but they’re still pretty, and a little sticky, and I take them and give him a kiss and a smiling “thank you.”

Just then my daughter shouts, “Can I go outside too?” I tell her that of course she can and she runs upstairs to change out of her Super Girl outfit and put on some play clothes. She yells down the stairs, “If I put on long sleeves can I not wear a coat?” I reply with another “of course” and get up to get another vase, because I’m pretty sure I know what’s coming next.

And after she has been outside about a minute, I am again called to the patio door to receive another {slightly larger} bouquet of dandelions, because one must compete with one’s sibling at all times.  🙂dandelion bouquet It’s a good day. A great season in life. A time to get up and get back outside and enjoy time with my kids while they still want me around. Dandelion bouquets won’t last forever.


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