The Corners of My House

I thought it might be fun {and perhaps a bit therapeutic} to document the condition of my house these days. I honestly think I will look back at these pictures fondly when my kids are teenagers and my heart is begging for them to stay home and mess up my living room again. I tear up just thinking about that. Some days I can be seen with my hands on my head exclaiming how the clutter is driving me absolutely crazy, and how I cannot bear to live in the chaos any longer. But I also recognize that it’s a season of my life, and frankly, I LOVE this season, so I don’t want to wish it away any time soon.

So here are a few snapshots of the corners of my house that I took yesterday morning, after my parents left. First, the four corners of my living room:

Toy corner of living room

Cluttered shelves

toy car clutter

punching bag corner

That last corner looks kind of neat compared to the others, but yes, that is a punching bag and there are currently close to 40 Operation Christmas Child boxes stacked next to it.

Here’s another corner of my dining room that I didn’t share yesterday:

dining room cluttered corner

A corner of my son’s room:

cluttered boy's room

A corner of my daughter’s room:

daughter's cluttered room

The corner of our loft, formerly known as our guitar room–we ran out of room for the guitars so those had to go elsewhere:

cluttered loft

Pictures of a cluttered house are generally not blog worthy these days, but I am thankful that these pictures make me smile. They really do. Sometimes the odd things that I find in a pile or lying around crack me up and reflect my kids’ incredible imagination–and I love that! I’ll get around to straightening things up sometime soon {probably}, but in the meantime, I’ll keep busy with other things and my kids will keep playing hard…and I think we’ll all remember these days as the best of times, clutter and all!!

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