Our Colorado Trip–First Stop: Springfield, Illinois

Last summer, we made our longest road trip to date by heading east to visit my sister and her family in upstate New York, with a stopover at our friends in Ohio. Since that was completely successful, we decided that this summer we would take an even longer trip and head west to visit my childhood best friend and her family, in Colorado.

Since the drive to the Colorado Springs area is about 20 hours, we thought we’d make a couple of stops along the way to make it a more enjoyable trip. We had initially planned to head to Springfield, Illinois–our capital city–and spend a day and night there exploring historical sites. But since we had to cut our vacation a little short due to Ken needing to get back to work, we chose to just spend a few hours there and then move on to our next destination.

Springfield, IL capitol building

Thankfully we had a beautiful {albeit very hot} day. We found our way to the capitol building and parked for free a couple of blocks away. According to our GPS, there were some restaurants within walking distance, so we locked the GPS in the car, deciding to wing it, and set off.

Well, I don’t know if the GPS was wrong, or if we were, but let’s just say we ended up having a bit of a Clark Griswold adventure! We walked…and walked…and walked, alone, through some neighborhoods that had seen better days; down one street and then another, sure that the restaurant we were desiring was on the next block over. It was so hot, we were fading fast. The kids were complaining, with their hands hanging straight down by their sides and their feet dragging a bit. We were irritable, sweating, thirsty and our stomachs were growling–I’m tellin’ ya–we would have been great Griswold fodder. It was so ridiculous–ha!

Anyway, we circled around and ended up on the other side of the capitol building and saw three ladies approaching in the distance. They were smiling and carrying take-home containers. Take-home containers!! I almost ran to them, but controlled myself and as we passed I asked where they had eaten. They pointed us in the direction of Obed and Isaac’s and we set off with renewed hope. Several minutes later, we were in a very quaint air-conditioned eating establishment, with our name on a list for a table. Apparently everyone else knew to come here.

After a very enjoyable meal, we headed back to the capitol building with restored energy and a little more spring in our step. {Notice–no pictures until the fed, happier Groh family appeared}

Lincoln Statue--Springfield, IL

A replica of the Liberty Bell.

Bell at Springfield, IL

Heading inside.

Walking into Springfield, IL capitol building

The beautiful rotunda.

Springfield, IL capitol rotunda

I didn’t take a picture, but the bathrooms in the building were awe-inspiring. I told the kids that it might be the nicest bathroom they’ll ever use!

Springfield, IL capitol building

Firemen’s monument–took this shot for Grandpa Groh.

Firemen's monument, Springfield, IL

One of the kids took this picture before we left  🙂  I love how they’re getting pretty good with the camera!

Kissing at capital, Springfield, IL

Off to Saint Louis!




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