Our Colorado Trip–Final Days

One afternoon we headed to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo–a beautiful zoo built on a mountainside {of course–this IS Colorado after all}.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Ken made a new friend.

petting giraffe

sitting on elephant trunk

feeding birds in aviary

bird feeding aviary

Watching this brown bear was my favorite part of our trip to the zoo. He put on a great show within inches of us. And there were 2 bald eagles perched in a tree above him. We lingered there for quite a while.

watching grizzly bear at zoo

brown bear at zoo

The next morning we lounged around for a bit, enjoying our friends’ great backyard.

kids on hammock

Demonstrating their technique in getting out of a hammock.

kids falling out of hammock

Soon we loaded up and headed north to Boulder, where we visited Dan and Kelly’s daughter, Brittany. In Boulder, we wound our way up Flagstaff Mountain and enjoyed some incredible views. Flagstaff Mountain Colorado



Groh family on Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder, CO

boulders in Boulder

Once we got back to downtown Boulder, the kids kept busy in the dancing waters while the ladies checked out the vendors at the art and craft fair.

Boulder, Colorado dancing waters

On our final day in Colorado, we didn’t go far and enjoyed relaxing with our friends. The kids swam in the hot tub for HOURS! What a great day it was 🙂

hanging out in Colorado

The time came and went all too fast, as I knew it would. I am so thankful that we were able to reconnect with dear friends and create memories that will last, reminding us that we need to visit again when we’re able.

singing hand games

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