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10 Reasons I’m Not Ready to Let Go of Winter Yet

Remains of a snowman--on the deck of our previous house.

Remains of a snowman–on the deck of our previous house.

I know it has been a long, cold, snowy winter. My heart goes out to people who have to work outside in this season for any reason, especially when it is bitterly cold and nasty. I could list the folks who suffer through miserable winter work conditions, but you know who you are and for you, I am grateful.

I used to have to commute an hour to work each day, and on snowy winter days, those commutes turned into 2 or 3 hours each way. Not fun, or safe. I wish no one had to do that, but am thankful that my days of that are {hopefully} over.

Because of my current season of life, I have the privilege of enjoying winter, and frankly, I DO enjoy it. {Please don’t send me hate mail.} I even feel sadness at the thought of it going away. I have noticed this feeling at the close of several winters now, and this year it is especially strong. I told my husband that I think the Lord might be preparing me to move to Alaska or Russia, but Ken was pretty sure that I was reading into that 😉

So, without further ado, here are my Top 10 Reasons for wanting to hang onto winter a little bit longer:

1. The beauty of the season: Everything looks so clean and peaceful when it is covered in white.

Winter Scene

Winter scene with snowman

Winter Big Oak Tree

Need I say more?

2. One of my favorite feelings is “cozy”: I love being in my warm home on a snowy day, working on a project, admiring the falling snow or just enjoying the wintery views from all of my windows. I love having my family all together on a cold night, kids in their fleece jammies, watching a movie or playing games.  I love the crackle of a fire in the fireplace, fuzzy blankets, hot beverages, slippers and no place we need to go.

Hot Chocolate

3. Boots, skinny jeans and long sweaters: I’m an 80’s girl and being able to experience this fashion trend a second time around is dreamy.  I enjoy my winter wardrobe and am not ready to give it up yet. I’ll especially miss wearing boots every day.

4. No sun tan needed: My arms and legs are pretty much covered in the winter so I am rarely concerned about the paleness of my skin. Nor do I care if my toenails are painted. Ahhh, that’s nice.

5. My husband doesn’t have to fit hours of yardwork into his weekly schedule: That makes me happy for him and frees us up to do other things, or to go away for a few days without worrying about it.

6. My flower beds are covered: That may sound like a negative point, but my flower beds need a lot of work and I don’t have a strong back nor the money to make it look as I envision. Last year they looked especially out of control. When they are covered with a couple feet of beautiful white snow, I, nor anyone else, is reminded of how much attention they really need.

My flower bed on a winter's night.

My flower bed on a winter’s night.

7. Snow days: Or in the case of this year, “cold days.” Unexpected days off of school or work are a fun break from the norm and life takes a mandatory pause. Anyone who is fortunate enough to get an occasional snow day, knows the excitement and joy that it brings.

Snow Day!!

8. It’s not tornado or thunderstorm season: Unlike spring or summer storms, winter storms are usually predicted days in advance so we can be prepared to hunker down and get through it. So far, a winter storm has not brought us a flooded basement, power outage or loud noises that keep our kids {and therefore us} up all night. Instead, a snow storm generally covers everything in beauty, brings a certain peacefulness, keeps my family close to me, and makes me feel cozy. {Are you seeing the pattern here?}

9. Not looking forward to rain and mud: Springtime is often gloomy with its chilly, wet days. I prefer a snow-covered winter wonderland to a brown muddy landscape.

10. Spring Cleaning: ’nuff said.

So, yes, I’m having a hard time with these rising temperatures and the melting snow. I’m not ready for this season to pass.

If you’ve got some great reminders of why I should be excited for springtime, please do me a favor and take a moment to leave them in the Comments section. I would love to be encouraged by what you have to say! Thank you!

p.s. If your comment doesn’t post as soon as you leave it, don’t worry—it will appear soon.