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Recycled Gift Wrapping Hack

Tissue box gift wrap hackWell, Happy New Year!

I know. I haven’t posted for a while and this post may seem a day late and a dollar short, BUT it’s still useful if you, like me, have plenty of birthdays coming up in the new year!

Backstory: It was Christmas Eve and my daughter confided in me that she didn’t have a gift for her brother. I told her that all shopping was done and that she would need to either find or make something. A moment later I remembered that I had an extra container of gum, which would be the perfect gift for her to give her brother. She agreed. {disaster averted}

At the same moment that I was suggesting the gum gift to her, I picked up an empty tissue box with the intent of throwing it away. And then it all seemed to magically come together. I set it on the kitchen table and noticed some used tissue paper on the counter. It coordinated with the box perfectly. Whoo-hoo, my lucky day.

Empty tissue box, recycled tissue paper and "the gift."

Empty tissue box, recycled tissue paper and “the gift.”

I wrapped the gum in the tissue paper and stuck it inside the box.

I wrapped the gum in the tissue paper and stuck it inside the box.

In a flash, the gum was wrapped and under the tree!

Ella added a gift tag.

My daughter added a gift tag.

I just picked up another empty tissue box. How convenient! My son’s birthday is only a couple of weeks away!

{I've got some big plans for this little guy.}

{I’ve got a plan for this little guy.}

A Memorable Fourth of July

Ella's first 4th of July

July 4th, 2011. Our daughter’s first 4th of July.

And friends {5/6ths of the Zidan family} stopped to visit us for a few days while on their way home from 6 months in Swaziland.

The Zidans

Ken had built a wooden ship in our backyard and finished it just in time to leave for China to meet and bring home our daughter, 2 months prior.

Ken builds a boat

Kids playing in front of ship

Ken put a bug in Jim Zidan’s ear about painting the ship while they were staying with us and Jim began drawing up a design. It was a brutally hot day–but inspiration struck and had to be dealt with.

painting the ship

Jim and Ken painting

Ken’s buddy, Jake, and his boys, came for the 4th and got in on the  fun…errrr…work…ummm…whatever.

Jim and Jake painting

Despite the dangerous heat index, we were all quite amazed and impressed with what was accomplished.

squid on the ship

crab side of the ship

Well done everyone! Well done!

The ship-painting crew

Happy 4th of July!!

Zidan 4th of July