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Quips from Our Funny Boy

Jan 09 005

Along with the many memory books, as I noted earlier, I keep a small journal near the kitchen, which I grab and jot down funny things that the kids say. If I ever lose this book I will be so sad. Periodically, I pick it up and read through it and most times, like tonight, I end up in tears from laughing so hard. I know it’s probably not as funny when it’s not your kid or you weren’t there when it happened, but I thought I’d share some of them here anyway. These all happen to be from Nickolas. I’ll post some of Ella’s quips later.

The day after Nickolas turned 3 I introduced him to pull-ups. I showed them to him and explained what they were called. He put his hand on my shoulder to steady himself and as he was lifting his foot to put his leg through the pull-up he said, “Oh, that’s wonderful…{pause}…and counselor and mighty God.”


A few months later, I was pushing him around the store in a cart. We overhead a mother in the next aisle having a hard time with her two kids and she said rather firmly, “You need to take your hands off of your brother!” Nickolas misunderstood what she said and looked up at me with his big eyes and said, “Mama, that kid put his pants on his brother!”


That fall, the three of us got into the car and headed to our town’s Civil War Days. We tried to explain to Nickolas, a little bit about what we were going to see and do. This was not an easy task. We told him there would be guns and cannons, but no one was really fighting, it was all just pretend, even though it might be pretty loud at times. Before we backed out of the garage, Ken said a prayer for our day. As he finished Nickolas chimed in, “Dear God, help us be healthy and I hope no one shoots us for real.”


He was eating a pb&j sandwich for lunch and I noticed a big piece on the floor and asked him what happened. He said, “I dropped it. I was holding it, but it escaped!”


While driving I pointed out 2 deer that were running across the road ahead of us. Nickolas asked, “What are they doing?”

I said, “Probably just out looking for something to eat.”

“Like sandwiches?” he innocently replied.


I had been trying to train Nickolas to pick up after himself a bit. After dinner one night he had put his dirty dishes in the sink and his remaining drink in the fridge, but I asked him to push his chair in. As he did so he said, “Mom, how come you’ve got me doing your jobs lately?”


Overheard from the backseat of the car: “I think I’m growing a beard.”


Nickolas: On my 6th birthday I’ll be 6.

Me: That’s right. How old will you be on your 20th birthday?

Nickolas: Old!

Collector boy

One evening, when Nickolas was four, Ken said something, to which Nickolas replied, “you can say that again.” Ken laughed and said, “You sure are a smart boy.” Nickolas replied, “you can say that again too!”


Later that night he said to me, “Mommy, let’s pretend I’m Chad Vader and you’re Darth.”

“OK,” I said as I was cleaning up the kitchen. “What do I do as Darth? Just keep cleaning?”

“Yes,” Nickolas said. “You can just do that boring stuff that you like to do.”


In 2011, shortly after bringing Ella home, Nickolas went and checked on her while she was napping and reported back to me. “I can’t believe Ella is sleeping, just like a beauty.”


We drove by a police car and someone who had been pulled over. The officer was standing outside the person’s car speaking to them through their window. Nickolas shouted out, “Oh yah! He got ‘em! He caught him left-handed! Mom, if a policeman runs out of handcuffs he can get more, right?”


In prepping his sister for her upcoming eye exam, Nickolas said, “There are big letters and little letters. The little ones are a challenge.”


As we pulled into the parking lot for the dentist office I heard him repeating to himself, “must be strong, must be strong.”


And finally, here’s a good one to end with for now:

We were looking through our wedding album and Nickolas {at age 5} said, “You found each other, you sticked together and you got married. You don’t leave once you found somebody.”

I actually let Nickolas read through this tonight and we had another good laugh. My kids absolutely love to hear us retell funny stories about them. They eat it up and want more.

What funny things have kids in your life said? I’d love to read some in the comments section.


Breakfast with our Sand Hill Cranes

Our sand hill cranes having breakfast.

Our sand hill cranes having breakfast.

Three years ago, we enjoyed the company of a pair of sand hill cranes. We affectionately named them Vern and Erma. They spent a lot of time just wandering around our property like an old married couple wandering around a park. We only had Nickolas at the time and he got quite a kick out of seeing them around. We would look for them if they were gone for a day or two.

Here they are, back in 2010, meeting up with two other visitors that we had that day.

Here they are, back in 2010, meeting up with two other visitors that we had that day.

They came back the next year but didn’t linger nearly as long. And then they were gone.

Until yesterday. We saw them eating out of our birdfeeders in the backyard early in the morning. Then they went around to the bird feeders in the front yard and lingered all day just as they had in the past. Well, who knows if these are the same two, but we’re going with it and are excited that Vern and Erma are back.

I have attempted to take pictures of them from inside the house, but they easily see or sense when I get too close to the window and scurry away. Although scurry isn’t really the right word to describe how they walk, if you’ve ever seen one do so. They have a jerky little strut–knees bending backward, necks jutting forward. Every once in a while, I get a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye as I pass by our windows and sure enough, there are Vern and Erma just strolling by.

I shot a little footage of them eating breakfast while my kids were eating breakfast. The kids didn’t realize their voices were being recorded, so they giggled like crazy when I showed them the video and want to watch it over and over, not because of the birds, but because they think they {themselves} are so funny.

I hope the birds stick around, BUT I hope they don’t continue to wake us up at 6am like they did this morning. I do remember that was their calling time the first year they visited. We thought we were being invaded by pterodactyls that first day, but now we’re used to their call. Although at 6am, it’s quite annoying, no matter how much we appreciate their company.


The Amazing Groh Kids

Life has been busy, but my blog has been quiet. Too quiet. Thought I’d post some fun stuff to change that.

This past week, my kids participated in an area Vacation Bible School program. After the first day, they came home begging to invite other kids to join them for the following day. They have good hearts, but this excitement was also greatly influenced by the promise of prizes if they brought friends. Well, prizes or not, I was happy to invite some of their friends and even though it was short notice, 4 different kids were able to accompany them over the next 3 days. I had my first taste of being a soccer mom–picking up and dropping off kids, arranging and rearranging carseats, scheduling times and routes. It was fun! But I’m also looking forward to a bit less running around next week  🙂

Well, there was an illusionist at VBS who really captured my kids’ attention and they have been creating and performing their own “magic” tricks this week. Here’s one of them they came up with:

The Amazing Disappearing Ella

Amazing, huh?!  🙂

To be fair, here is the same trick being performed by Ella:

The Amazing Disappearing Nickolas

I thought this was pretty cute and clever.

They each said a couple of other random things today that made me laugh, and that’s one of my favorite things to do, so I’ll share the chuckle.

On the way home from VBS tonight we drove through Panda Express for dinner. Ella’s friend was still with us and said, “Oh, I didn’t know Panda Express was Chinese food. I love Chinese food.”  Ella said, “Yah, so do I.” That’s all, but it just struck me as being so {obviously} funny, because, you know, she’s Chinese.

Then, while eating that Chinese food at home, Nickolas looks at me and says straight-faced, completely out of the blue, “America really doesn’t run on Dunkin.” Ha! Where’d that come from?  I run pretty well on Dunkin’, but I didn’t take the time to explain that.

I hope to post again before too long.

Our Escape to Tomah, Wisconsin

This past weekend we were privileged to be invited to Tomah, Wisconsin to attend a book signing by our friend, Roger Blakely, who has served many years in the Army and has more recently become an author. Ken and I had discussed heading up to Tomah for the signing, so when Roger personally invited us and told us he would put us up at the Cranberry Country Lodge, we committed to going. And I’m so glad we did.

It was one of those trips where everything seemed to work out perfectly. We were all healthy, the weather was beautiful, our vehicle ran great and we had no accidents or mechanical breakdowns. The kids got along great—for the most part–and everyone had good attitudes—again, for the most part—and we just enjoyed the trip. Maybe I’m just an optimist, I don’t know, but I think I’m a realist and we really had a nice time, so I had to write about it.

I love that cozy “northern woods” feeling I get when we head north in Wisconsin and enjoyed the beautiful scenery as we drove. Tomah was a cute little town and the museum where the book signing took place was quaint and interesting. The kids even enjoyed looking at the “old-fashioned” items on display. I think it helps that we have been watching Little House on the Prairie so they can relate a little bit to times past. We enjoyed refreshments and visiting with others there.

The kids with Roger at the book signing.

The kids with Roger at the book signing.

We eventually headed back to the hotel and checked out the aquatic center there. It was very fun and age appropriate for our kids. It wasn’t too crowded and kept them entertained for several hours. Soon it was time to get cleaned up and meet Roger and another couple for dinner.

The following morning we ate breakfast, packed up and headed to the Three Bears Lodge in Warren. As a guest at the Cranberry Country Lodge, we had a free day’s admission there. We were very pleased with the size of the waterpark and especially loved that we practically had the place to ourselves. I’m sure it will be a different story this weekend {Memorial Day} and beyond, so the timing was perfect. We have been to The Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells several times and this was a bit smaller than one of their indoor waterparks, but it was the perfect size for our kids. It was only open from 9am to 1pm that day, but that was just long enough for us. I didn’t take my camera into the water areas either day because I didn’t want to hassle with it, but now wish I would have gotten some good shots. You can check out their websites through the links I have inserted above if you want to look into them further. I would definitely recommend them for families with elementary-aged kids and younger.

We stopped for lunch at a local China Buffet and then started on our way back home. I’ll throw in a funny little Ella story here.  Anyone who has been around Ella much, knows that she love, love, loves chocolate like no other 7-year-old I know. As we were driving, Ken brought up the fact that my birthday wasn’t too far away and he told the kids that they would have to think of something to get or make for me. Ella piped up and said, “I know what we could get her.” Ken asked her what and she leaned forward and “whispered” to him from the backseat, “We could buy her a little piece of chocolate and wrap it up for her.” Ken “whispered” back from the driver’s seat, “but Ella, Mommy doesn’t like chocolate. You do.” And Ella sighed and said, “Oh yah, I forgot.” Such a silly girl. I got quite a kick out of that.

We ran into a little traffic and a rain storm, but neither lasted for long and we made it home before dark so there was still time for the kids to ride bikes before calling it a day. A bit of a whirlwind weekend, but so worth it! The kids and I will be escaping to Wisconsin again this coming weekend to celebrate Memorial Day with my family. Who knows what adventures await!