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10 Reasons I’m Not Ready to Let Go of Winter Yet

Remains of a snowman--on the deck of our previous house.

Remains of a snowman–on the deck of our previous house.

I know it has been a long, cold, snowy winter. My heart goes out to people who have to work outside in this season for any reason, especially when it is bitterly cold and nasty. I could list the folks who suffer through miserable winter work conditions, but you know who you are and for you, I am grateful.

I used to have to commute an hour to work each day, and on snowy winter days, those commutes turned into 2 or 3 hours each way. Not fun, or safe. I wish no one had to do that, but am thankful that my days of that are {hopefully} over.

Because of my current season of life, I have the privilege of enjoying winter, and frankly, I DO enjoy it. {Please don’t send me hate mail.} I even feel sadness at the thought of it going away. I have noticed this feeling at the close of several winters now, and this year it is especially strong. I told my husband that I think the Lord might be preparing me to move to Alaska or Russia, but Ken was pretty sure that I was reading into that 😉

So, without further ado, here are my Top 10 Reasons for wanting to hang onto winter a little bit longer:

1. The beauty of the season: Everything looks so clean and peaceful when it is covered in white.

Winter Scene

Winter scene with snowman

Winter Big Oak Tree

Need I say more?

2. One of my favorite feelings is “cozy”: I love being in my warm home on a snowy day, working on a project, admiring the falling snow or just enjoying the wintery views from all of my windows. I love having my family all together on a cold night, kids in their fleece jammies, watching a movie or playing games.  I love the crackle of a fire in the fireplace, fuzzy blankets, hot beverages, slippers and no place we need to go.

Hot Chocolate

3. Boots, skinny jeans and long sweaters: I’m an 80’s girl and being able to experience this fashion trend a second time around is dreamy.  I enjoy my winter wardrobe and am not ready to give it up yet. I’ll especially miss wearing boots every day.

4. No sun tan needed: My arms and legs are pretty much covered in the winter so I am rarely concerned about the paleness of my skin. Nor do I care if my toenails are painted. Ahhh, that’s nice.

5. My husband doesn’t have to fit hours of yardwork into his weekly schedule: That makes me happy for him and frees us up to do other things, or to go away for a few days without worrying about it.

6. My flower beds are covered: That may sound like a negative point, but my flower beds need a lot of work and I don’t have a strong back nor the money to make it look as I envision. Last year they looked especially out of control. When they are covered with a couple feet of beautiful white snow, I, nor anyone else, is reminded of how much attention they really need.

My flower bed on a winter's night.

My flower bed on a winter’s night.

7. Snow days: Or in the case of this year, “cold days.” Unexpected days off of school or work are a fun break from the norm and life takes a mandatory pause. Anyone who is fortunate enough to get an occasional snow day, knows the excitement and joy that it brings.

Snow Day!!

8. It’s not tornado or thunderstorm season: Unlike spring or summer storms, winter storms are usually predicted days in advance so we can be prepared to hunker down and get through it. So far, a winter storm has not brought us a flooded basement, power outage or loud noises that keep our kids {and therefore us} up all night. Instead, a snow storm generally covers everything in beauty, brings a certain peacefulness, keeps my family close to me, and makes me feel cozy. {Are you seeing the pattern here?}

9. Not looking forward to rain and mud: Springtime is often gloomy with its chilly, wet days. I prefer a snow-covered winter wonderland to a brown muddy landscape.

10. Spring Cleaning: ’nuff said.

So, yes, I’m having a hard time with these rising temperatures and the melting snow. I’m not ready for this season to pass.

If you’ve got some great reminders of why I should be excited for springtime, please do me a favor and take a moment to leave them in the Comments section. I would love to be encouraged by what you have to say! Thank you!

p.s. If your comment doesn’t post as soon as you leave it, don’t worry—it will appear soon.


14 Things This Mom Did Because of Valentine’s Day

The kids working on their Valentine boxes.

The kids working on their Valentine boxes.

14 Things This Mom Did Because of Valentine’s Day:

1. Explained to my daughter that her friends were telling her the truth–the heart in our body isn’t really shaped like a “heart.” {Epic fail on my part not to have explained that to her already}

2. Volunteered to coordinate my kids’ classroom party—and asked parents to bring in fruit, popcorn, cheese and crackers {even though I have an emotional attachment to pink and red M&M’s}.

3. Suggested that my kids’ 2nd grade class create Valentine cards and a banner for residents in our local retirement community and worked with them on that project.

4. Found and purchased boxes of cupcake and Star Wars Lego Valentines, as requested by my children.

5. Realized AFTER my son had written out all of his Valentines that futuristic weapons are quite prevalent with Legos Star Wars characters and that this might be problematic at his “zero tolerance” school.

6. Sat up placing little heart stickers over weapons on my son’s Valentine cards.

7. Took my husband out for lunch and then, at his request, drove him to the CVS so that he could buy me a Valentine card while I waited for him in the next aisle over.

8. Decided on a “2 for” price bundle of dark chocolate bars when my husband told me to pick out something special for myself for Valentine’s Day at the aforementioned drugstore. {Thought about titling this list: 5 ways to know that you’re so over Valentine’s Day—but honestly, I couldn’t be happier so I’ve really got nothing to complain about—this is just the season of life we’re in}

9. Broke into the chocolate after dinner that night, even though it was only Feb. 11th. My portion was gone by day’s end of the 13th. {I don’t eat sweets that often and I just couldn’t help myself!}

10. Delivered the banner and 85 Valentine’s Day cards to the local senior center with my kiddos!

The funniest thing I found on one of the cards a 2nd grader made.

The funniest thing I found on one of the cards a 2nd grader made.

11. Repeatedly pricked my fingers on the thorns of a beautiful dozen of roses that Ken brought home for me, as I cut the stems and arranged them in a vase. {Of course it was totally worth it…and the bleeding didn’t last long}

Valentine's Day roses12. Went out for our Valentine’s dinner on the 13th since we had friends willing to watch the kids and we wouldn’t have to fight the crowds. {We were seated immediately–I’m sure it won’t be so on the 14th}

13. Rode to said dinner in style in our 1997 T-bird since our newer car is in the shop. {How did people put up with two-door cars all of my growing-up years?!}

14. Sleeping in a bit—my kids don’t have school on February 14th—yeah!

I will, however, be taking my son for a much needed haircut. {He’ll be thrilled} But I’ll reward him with one of the heart-shaped suckers he got from a classmate.  I hope it appeases him so that everyone will be in a good mood and we can relax and enjoy a fun family day and night.

No matter what you’re up to today—I hope it’s a good one! Happy Valentine’s Day!